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Fearless - Cornelia Funke I will straight up say this: I hesitated upon buying this book. And it was on sale. And yet, and yet, the pull of the author made me do it: the first book wasn’t a story I’d be singing praises for, but this was a trilogy I wanted to see through to the end, no matter my misgivings.


Fox’s Background. So far I liked this the best about the second book. Bit by bit of Fox’s life is slowly being explored.

Throwbacks. I do like the fact that I can relate to her throwbacks. There are items mentioned here that relate to her Thief Lord (and if you had noticed it, the name Folchart appears in Thief Lord as well which was used as Meggie's surname in the Inkheart trilogy).


Writing. Again. It’s like there were too many build-ups before the actual meat of the paragraph (note that I said paragraph, not story, because that’s how it felt, reading it). I understand maybe it's an attempt at emotional lyrical writing or some flop (flops?) in the translation somewhere but it kept getting to be a bit too much. It got to the point where it was tiresome and are REALLY misplaced and unnecessary in action scenes. Observe:
Jacob was in no rush. After all, these might be the final moments of his life. Up on the hill he saw the tower rising into the dark sky, and beneath it a marten was nibbling on the fresh buds of a tree. Spring was coming. Life or death, Jacob. Once again.

Keep in mind that he was fighting a flipping genie here. If I had been facing off a djinn from crushing my ribs in his grip, I don’t think I’d have the time to enjoy the surrounding fresh buds of a tree.

Also, what’s with the names? The Bastard, the Witch Slayer, Crookback, the Bug, the Walrus… I could go on. I’m sure there’ll be more in the third book.

The cherry on top. Jacob's inner goddess. Oh, my LAWD. Jacob’s. inner. goddess. Scratch that. everyone’s inner goddess (and no, I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey but I do know about it from awesome Goodreads reviews; to those who don’t, it applies in this book in that it’s basically a perkier Jiminy Cricket who intermittently butts in the story by use of italics). Jake has one, Fox has one, and guys, even the villain has one. I was going to let this one slide in my review of Reckless, but this time around I really just couldn’t anymore. All the while Jacob is fighting the aforementioned genie there were no less than five interspersed entries from his Inner Goddess whom I imagined by this point to be waving a couple of pom-poms all the while saying, Careful, Jacob!, Hold on to it, Jacob!, Now, Jacob!, On your feet, Jacob!, Go, Jacob! I shite you not, we had a magical battle going on and Jacob’s inner goddess is cheering him on from the sidelines of his head, and those are actual quotes, my friends.